Disneyworld Information

Having a Great and Affordable Disneyworld Experience

Thinking about taking a trip down to Disneyworld, but you're a little overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the park itself and the options that it has to offer? You're not alone. Disneyworld has grown tremendously since it first opened back in 1971 and now covers 48 square miles. It's only natural to feel at a loss as to where you should begin. There's also the gamut of decisions you have to make when it comes to where you'll stay in Orlando.

Luckily, matters don't have to be too confusing if you do a little bit of research ahead of time. Perhaps the most important financial decision you'll make during your Disneyworld excursion is where you'll stay. Disneyworld offers accomodations at onsite resorts that give you the convenience of walking distance to the park. Staying at the resorts offers other perks as well, such as shuttle and baggage delivery from the airport. The resorts are also themed to fit the park, so they provide an extra sense of immersion in the fantasy.

The prices, however, may scare away some vacationers. A deluxe resort stay can cost quite a bit. The Value packages are more affordable, if not exactly cheap. Although this may seem expensive, keep in mind that are you located right at the park. Offsite hotels will try to sweeten the deal with various perks, but you will be forced to shape your stay around their shuttle schedule. If you get a rental car, you will have negated any of the savings you otherwise made by staying offsite.

Disneyworld has grown astronomically in the years since it opened, so the options for fun are just about limitless there. Within Disneyworld itself, you will find the Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom features all the familiar Disney characters, with opportunities for photo ops around every corner. In Downtown Disney you can indulge all your shopping desires and also get a bite to eat. Just be aware, however, that eating in Downtown Disney is going to cost you an arm and a leg most likely. Epcot can be great fun for the kids and for the adults with its focus on science and exploration. Hollywood Studios features rides and set reproductions of many famous movies, such Indiana Jones and the Wizard of Oz.

The most recent major addition to Disneyworld, the Animal Kingdom can be a thrilling experience for both the kids and the adults. The Animal Kingdom hosts a wide range of shows and events that make for a great time that definitely should not be missed out on. By far the highlight of the Animal Kingdom, the Kilmanjaro Safari Adventure is something you really shouldn't miss. The Safari Adventure simulates a ride through the African plains, and with a total area of 500 acres, the Animal Kingdom is a convincing experience.

Do some planning ahead as to where you want to go during your Disneyworld stay. There are a lot of inexpensive Disneyworld travel guides to be found at any major bookstore, and these can be a real help in planning your trip to Disneyworld effectively. When you leave out for Disneyworld, also be sure to pack enough. If you can buy it at home, get it there instead of in Orlando where the prices will be quite a bit higher.